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 Planet earth - Atmosphere
 Planet earth - Ocean
 Planet earth - Rocks and minerals
 Metal - Occurrence, extraction and reactivity
 Metal - Corrosion
 Microscopic world I - Atomic structure
 Microscopic world I - Periodic table
 Acids and bases - Characteristic and pH
 Microscopic world II - Bond polarity and shapeSummary
 Acids and bases - Salt and neutralisation
 Fossil fuels and carbon compoundsSummary
 Microscopic world II - Shape of molecules
 Chemical and dry cell
 Chemical reactions and energySummary
 Rate of reactionSummary
 Chemical equilibriumSummary
 Chem of carbon compounds - isomerism
 Chem of carbon compounds - reaction
 Chem of carbon compounds - synethesis
 Chem of carbon compounds - important organic substances
 Patterns in the chemical world - Periodic variation in physical properties of the elementsSummary
 Patterns in Chemical world - Bonding, stoichiometric composition and acid-base properties of oxides
 Patterns in chemical world - General properties of transition metals
 Cell as the basic unit of life
 Movement of substances across membrane
 Cell cycle and replication
 Nutrition in human - Food
 Nutrition in human - Processes
 Gas exchange in human
 Nutrition and Gas exchange in plant
 Transport in human - blood
 Transport in human - heart
 Transpiration transport support in plant
 Human reproduction
 Stimuli and receptors
 Coordination in human brain
 Detecting the environment - eyes
 Detecting the environment - ear
 Temperature, heat and internal energy
 Transfer processes
 Change of state
 Position and movement
 Force and motion
 Projectile motion
 Work, energy and power
 Uniform circular motion
 The turning effect of a moment
 Nature of waves
 Properties of waves
 Light - Rays
 Light - Lens
 Light - Electromagnetic spectrum
 Electric Circuits
 Domestic electricity
 Electromagnetism - Magnetic field
 Electromagnetism - Magnetic field and electric current
 Electromagnetism - Magnetic field, electric current and forces
 Electromagnetic Induction
 Radiation and radioactivity
 Atomic model
 Nuclear energy
Integrated Science - Foundation 
 1 Introduction Science
 2 Looking at Living things
 3.1 Cells
 3.2 Human reproduction
 4 Energy
 5 Water
 6 Matter as particles
 7 Living things and air
 8 Make use of electricity
 9 Space travel
 10 Common acids and alkalis
 11.1 Sensing the environment - eyes
 11.2 Sensing the environment - ears
 11.3 Sensing the environment - taste and touch
 11.2 Sensing the environment - brain

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